Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Class of 2012: The Steel Benders Hall of Fame

Voting was held over the last month on the Benders Battlefield for the Steel Benders Hall of Fame.  The top 5 vote getters and ties were elected to this year's class.  Old man Rindo made it!  This is a huge honor for me and I can't believe that I'm now a member of this elite group.  Really makes all the hard work I have put in over the last few years worth it.  I was blown away to receive the support I got from the voters.  To join this group of benders in the hall has been a big goal of mine.  Many of the legends from the sport were voted in last year:

Class of 2011
Ben Edwards
Aaron Corcorran
David Horne
Eric Milfeld
Pat Povilaitis
Paul Knight
Joseph Greenstein: The Mighty Atom
John Brookfield
John Beatty
Dennis Rogers

Here's this year's class:

Class of 2012
David Wigren - Best all around steel bender in the world right now.
Carl Ansara - Best braced bender out there and a sick reverse.
Jedd Johnson - Done more to teach people how to bend than anyone else.  And a damn good bender in his own right.
Mike Rinderle - No idea how this happened.  Hopefully there's no recount.  :)
Mike Hadland - One of the best unbraced benders to ever walk the planet.  Great in all 3 styles
Mike Krahling - Incredible reverse and braced strength. Mike also holds the US Nationals Competition (Beast in the East) and is responsible for calibrating all the drill rod used in certs on the Battlefield.
Congratulations to all the new inductees!!!! 


  1. Awesome man! Congrats on this bro! I will belong to the class of best steel benders hall one day in the future as well! Just need some time to get better & more advanced!

  2. Thanks Matti! You keep going at the pace you are on and you will be a force to be reckoned with in all types of steel bending. You'll be one of the best for sure!

  3. thanks for the encouragment & trust Mike! coming from someone like you it means something haha! Just joking man, but on the REAL though, I just started to train DEADSERIOUSLY with feats of strength since March this year, so I'm a SUPER NEWBIE still... But I'm definitely gonna keep up the pace that I'm at rite NOW! AIN'T NO Stopping me once I'm ON! Hope you had a GREAT & AWESOME CHristmas (I did!) & have a Happy New Year in Advance!

  4. fucking hell... I just found out about this NOW... I made a mistake when I wrote the repsonse back at ya... I meant to to say: coming from someone like you it means ALOT, instead of: coming from someone like you it means something haha! Just joking man... I just forgot to delete the comment & write the stuff that I REALLY wanted to write... Dunno exactly how that happened... stupid mistake!

  5. HAHA No worries Matti! I plan on starting today Rick. Just been so busy with the holidays.