Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rindo's Scrap Yard - What's the story?

Welcome to my new blog everybody.  I really think you will find it entertaining and a little different than everything else out there.  It's going to be a mix of steel bending, feats of strength, and my quest for both physical and mental advancement. It will also include my take on politics, entertainment, humor, spirituality, and life in general. 

We're going to have guest posts from all walks of life.  There will be those from the strength game, nutritionists, scholars, satirists, and political commentators.  One thing this blog will not become is stale.  We will change things up and tear things down, only to build them back up again.

This will be a window into my passions, so you know there will be some steel getting bent and some weight being lifted.  Not only will I post pictures and videos of various strength feats on this blog, but will also offer instruction and help to people interested in progressing in the manly arts. 

Here's a recent piece I made by scrolling a 3/8" X 12" spike and S bending a hammer:

I've really been getting into braced bending like crazy recently and Jedd Johnson and I have a Braced Bending DVD coming out soon.  So keep checking in for details because we are planning on releasing it before Christmas.

I really hope you enjoy the new blog and your comments and ideas for content are always welcome.


  1. Mike,

    Great to see you finally start up a blog man! I've been saying to myself for a long time that I'd like to see a blog you put together with your training, thoughts, and humor. And now it's here!

    Added this to my blogroll immediately.

    Ben Edwards

  2. Awesome! Thanks Ben!!! Once I figure out how to do it, I'll be adding everyone to mine as well. HAHA