Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My version of a Westside Workout

Getting ready for my first powerlifting meet in February and I've been noticing some weaknesses that need to be corrected.  Mainly my hamstring strength and sitting back more on my squats.  No better way to hit both of those than a couple of Westside exercises I used to do a lot of, box squats and good mornings.

I don't have a box, so I improvised and overcame with my own version I call Ottoman Squats.  Just moved the Ottoman into the man cave and used that.  :D  When compressed, it is right around 15".  I won't go much heavier than this until I can make a box, but let me tell you that 135 feels like a ton coming off a 15" box when you haven't done these in awhile.  Getting the lower legs past perpendicular to the floor really makes you contract the hammies to curl you back up.  Hit 10 sets of 2 with 135.

I was pretty fried by that point, but I wanted to hit the whole posterior chain and reenforce sitting back so I threw in a few sets of good mornings to finish things off.


So, don't avoid your weaknesses.  Attack them and you will get much stronger overall!

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