Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Road to a 600 lb Deadlift in 2012

This year I pulled 510 lbs at a bodyweight of 256.  Right after that I moved and the new man cave wasn't really big enough to pull in, so I pretty much stopped deadlifting and just bent a lot of stuff.  I then lost 30 + pounds due to some blood pressure issues.  Well, about 3 weeks ago I got the itch to pull again.  So what do you do when you don't have room to deadlift?  That's right, you move all the living room furniture and haul your kit out there and get to lifting!!!!

Since the weight loss and the 4 months off pulling, my top end is way down.  A couple weeks ago I was able to pull 450, but it wasn't easy.  As I'm getting stronger, I should be able to pull more, but I have some kind of mental block that is stopping me.  I believe mental blocks are made to be shattered, so I will bust through this and get my top end moving toward my goal of 600 soon.  That's a guarantee!

In the meantime, one of the benefits of the weight loss and getting in a bit better shape has been my ability to get some high rep work in without having a freakin heart attack!!!  Historically, I have made progress with working up to heavy singles and doubles almost every workout.  I just wasn't seeing it this time though.  I have been stuck right around the 450 mark since I started pulling again.  Today I worked up to an ugly miss at 460 that just didn't sit right.  So instead of packing it in, I said screw the low rep stuff, pealed some weight off the bar and did a high rep workout.  It was awesome and I got some serious work in.  So when your workout isn't going well, don't quit!  Change stuff up and try something new.  Just do work!!!

Today, after the infuriating miss at 460, I was able to pull a relatively easy 300 X 15 along with some some high rep shrugs and one arm rows.  I will be feeling this workout tomorrow!  And Iwill be stronger for it!

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  1. Yo Mike! Don't worry about it & keep ya head up when it comes to lifting less because of lost weight... (I KNOW man I DON'T have to tell you that!) but once you can deadlift 600lbs. & then SOME! You'll be ALOT STRONGER for it on a pound for pound basis then if you were heavier... A 600lbs. deadlift done by someone who weights only 180lbs. is WAAAY MORE IMpressive & STRONGER then a person who weights 230lbs. for example... NO DOUBT NEXT Year you WILL deadlift 600lbs. its a light weight for you next year! I know that for sure! I deadlifted once In my WHOLE life (I shit you NOT!), simply because I DONT Have a place these days to deadlift SERIOUSLY with HUGE weights... Once I have a place to deadlift HEAVY (as in SUPER HEAVY 800 PLUS & BEYOND PARTIALS in a POWERRACK! & ENUFF MOney to affort a COMPLETE barbell set with ALOTTA weights (wich will happen in 2012, I Guarentee it!) I'll be on a DEADLIFTING jounrey! Besides I deadlifted 440lbs. (200KG) the last time I tried, wich was 2 months ago for the fuck of it!)... It WASNT easy or beatifully executed but I got it to lockout & back to the ground...

    I know once I go on a deadlifting jounrey (like you)... I'll definitely will be a GREAT deadlifter (I also have long arms & long legs, dunno if that helps but fuckit)... Just like the FACT that you'll be a AWESOME deadlifter! I predict in 2-4 years you'll be in the 800plus lbs. area! It's more in the mentally then physically, but what the eff, you ALREADY know that!